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MRI scan

An MRI scan is introduced to the medical field as a safe and painless test that can provide detailed pictures of organs and other structures inside your body. This Radiology scan uses a strong magnetic field and radio waves to produce detailed images of the inside of the body which can then be viewed on a computer screen.
Well, there are no known side effects of an MRI scan.  So you no need to worry. It is safe and easy. Neither any health risks have been associated with the magnetic field or radio waves. The low-energy radio waves use no radiation. MRI procedure can be repeated without side effects. Sometimes the contrast solution used in MRI tests has allergic reactions but is generally safe. Talk to your doctor if face any difficulty using the contrast solution during MRI.

MRI is illicit for the patients who have heart pacemakers, metal implants, or metal chips or clips in or around the eyeballs. They cannot be scanned with an MRI because of the risk that the magnet may move the metal in these areas. 
An MRI scan is not a long process it usually takes 20-40 minutes to perform, depending on the prescribed tests. The patient will lie on the movable scanning table while the technologist at MRI Center in Delhi places him into position. The table will slide into the tunnel-shaped cabin and the technician will take images. Each scan will last a few minutes.

It is usually used to detect a number of illnesses or the MRI scan helps the doctor to examine,
·  Blood vessel damage
·  Injuries
·  Cancer
·  Heart diseases
·   Tumor
·    Dementia
·    Brain trauma 
·   Stroke
·   Infections 
·    Causes of headaches
·     Bone infection, etc

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