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Digital X-Ray

Best X-Ray Centre in Delhi

Digital X-Ray is a type of imaging where digital x-ray sensors are used rather than traditional photographic film. In digital radiography, x-ray sensitive plates are used to directly capture the data during the examination of the patients and send that data to the computer without the use of an intermediate tape. The time productivity through bypassing chemical processing and the capacity to carefully move and upgrade scans are the advantages of Digital X-Ray. Additionally, the radiation generated is less when compared with traditional radiography.

Radiologists and Doctors at our center are trained to keep radiation exposures down to a minimum while ensuring optimum diagnostic accuracy.

At Srivastava MRI & Imaging Centre, we provide the facility of all types of special Investigations such as IVP, BARIUM SWALLOW, BARIUM MEAL, BARIUM MEAL FOLLOW THROUGH, RGU, MCU, LOOPOGRAM, etc.


To understand digital x-rays, you can compare it with digital photography. The digital x-rays use a focused image sensor to capture x-rays and show them on the computer for examination. It offers many benefits compared to traditional x-rays like it can be viewed almost instantly and it saves your time and energy. Digital x-rays are easier to view, analyze and manipulate using digital screens. By using filters and other features, radiologists can be zoomed in and diagnose the problems or diseases.

Tips before going to the procedure:

  • Tell your radiologist, if you’re pregnant.
  • Certain scans require fasting.